At the end of the First World War, when the victors were talking about Geneva as a location for the headquarters of the future League of Nations, which was to be created at the end of the lake in November 1920, the Geneva authorities showed great flair for air transport, which they considered to be the transport of the future.
On June 19, 1920, Geneva decided to buy land at Cointrin to build a public airfield.

Large hangars were built to accommodate the planes coming from France and Germany.



More than 17 Km² of aerial view                Blinking beacon light                                  GENEVA terminal and parkings               Specific windsocks                                       

All1935 aerial infos systems                       3D animated 1935 characteres                  Civilian  airfield                       Static 1935 aircrafts (Be2. BrXIV,SPAD XIII, Fa.60,H47, JU52)

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