After some hesitation, the newly created Air Navigation Service proposed a partial reuse of the Le Bourget-Dugny camp to build the first air port in Paris. An area opposite the military site was developed along the Route de Flandre

The success of the first international line, Paris-London, ushered in a continuous growth in both passenger and courier traffic, forcing the Ministry of Public Works to rapidly modernize the infrastructure. Inaugurated in 1922, the new airport was characterized by its monumental concrete “Lossier” hangars, next to more traditional metal halls, both of which were designed to house the aircraft of the growing number of airline companies.

It was in this environment that the legend of Le Bourget was forged, hosting a number of air events where records and acrobatics followed one another.
The great raids were undoubtedly the most emblematic of these feats, culminating in the arrival of Charles Lindberg in May 1927. By accomplishing the first solo crossing of the Atlantic, he placed Le Bourget, his base, at the center of the world for a few days.




More than 22 Km² of aerial view                Blinking beacon light                                  Dynamic landing “T”

BOURGET terminal and parkings               Specific windsocks                                       All1935 aerial infos systems

3D animated 1935 characteres                 Dynamic runway projectors                           CDG ariport erased

Civilian and military airfield                       Static 1935 aircrafts (Be2. BrXIV,SPAD XIII, Fa.60,H47, JU52)

Flags managed by wind                              more than 30 tweak inthe vicinity city to erease modernous buildings

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