The Cap Juby airfield was one of the stopovers for Compagnie Latécoère aircraft flying from Casablanca to Dakar. In 1925, Francisco Cervera built two hangars near the Spanish fort for the needs of the Company.

In October 1927, Antoine de Saint Exupéry was appointed head of the airfield at Cap Juby (now Tarfaya) and remained so until the end of 1928.
He had to rescue pilots lost in the desert. He had to negotiate with the Berber chiefs for the liberation of those taken hostage, which earned him the Legion of Honor for Civil Aeronautics on April 7, 1930.

It was here, in the fort of Cap Juby, that he put the finishing touches to the novel he was writing: Courrier Sud. Reminiscences of this long stay in the desert can be found in Le Petit Prince and Citadelle.





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