At that time, the planes flew by sight with rudimentary means.
They had to avoid clouds and fog.

In 1923 two Frenchmen made the first commercial night flight with six passengers between Strasbourg and Paris.
The aircraft flew at 1000 m (3000 ft) from headlight to headlight, but some were not lit.

We have tried to recreate as best we could the France seen from the sky in 1935.
It is impossible to completely modify the content of MSFS but many things have been changed:


The 150 aerial lighthouses of France are carefully placed. They emit a morse signal which identifies them easily at night. The visual distances are 25, 40, 80 or 150 km.
A complete list is available in the documentation.

The giant lighthouses of Mount Valerian and Mount Africa have been modeled.

The pilot navigates from lighthouse to lighthouse until the destination airfield, then he flies over the red luminous “T” visible at 5km to know the landing direction.
The plane arriving at night asks for landing authorization by emitting a green flare.
The person in charge answers by lighting the green or red Greek cross.

The Capital has been extensively redesigned to eliminate unsightly modern buildings.

All flags are dynamically fluttering in the wind.

Elements such as high voltage lines or wind turbines have been erased from the entire surface of the country.

At night, there is very little light emitted from the ground except for the very large cities.

Some areas have been particularly reworked such as the removal of the Millau viaduct or the modeling of the Douaumont monument and its aerial beacon near Verdun.

Last but not least, all the services, vehicles and aircraft generic or not have been replaced by period machines.
So if you are playing multiplayer but your friends don’t have this scenario, you will still see the aircraft as 1930’s aircraft. Even a non-30’s terrain will be populated with more believable elements.



150 beacons /60 variations                                                                                                                                                3D train with smoke VFX

All aircraft replaced inculdinc generic and stantard ASOBO planes                                                                           Chimney smoke VFX      

3D animated 1935 characteres , services, planes and props (advertise, fuel station, cars and trucks)               3D BEAUVAIS cathedral

All Flags managed by wind                                                                                                                                                 3D POIX viaduct

Paris city reworked to erase more than 150 un expected buildings and area                                                          3D ASNIERES/FORD factory

3D Douaumont and is light beacon

All Night light’s are dimmed

 !! This scenery is only compatible with REDWING 1935 other sceneries. You will have to use  an addon to active or desactive it at startup!!