LatéCOère Laté-28

The miracle of the wolves


The Latécoère 28 (or Laté 28) is a Latécoère company aircraft made famous by its use in postal services between France and South America for Aéropostale and then Air France in the 1930s.

It was also on a modified floatplane version “COMTE-DE-VAUX”, the 28.3, that Jean Mermoz made the first commercial crossing of the South Atlantic on May 12, 1930.

– 4k PBR textures
– All systems are fully functional
– 12 animated and scripted 3D characters bringing the aircraft to life.
– Includes a pilot, a mechanic, several assistants on the ground for propeller stirring and all the passengers.
– An optimized system (L.O.D.) for each passenger and 3D elements to improve FPS
– FR and EN voices of the pilot and the mechanic as well as the internal ambiences or during the repairs.
– A clipboard including several pages allowing loading-unloading of passengers and cargo, fuel & repair management, damage analysis, failures.
– A simplified configuration selection for short, medium, and long haul trips.
– All flight checklists by phase of flight can be run automatically including localized voices and intuitive displays on the clipboard.
– Maps of main European and US CAM routes can be displayed on clipboard including a morse code reminder
– REDWING damage and repair concept includes engine fire, oil, fuel, water, propellers, fuselage ground loop and landing gear problems
– Smoke particle effects and 3D animations for breakdowns, damages and mixture.
– An easy to learn mode with start and flight assistance lights.\
– Two cabin variants: pax for 8 passengers orcargo for freight and mail transport.
– In-flight mail drop system of mail bags (A challenging and rewarding game in the game)
– Translation of all instruments and internal elements into French or English including an option to choose the variables displayed (meters, Celsius, kg cm3 – Ft, Fahrenheit, lb.-inc3)
– A fully detail 54 page manual (EN – FR -ESP)
– 5 liveries

This plane is WORK IN PROGRESS 


Nothing to download now.


V 0.1.0