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Version 0.2.5.
– Fixed: Airspeed indicator
– Fixed: Vertical speed indicator
– Fixed: Cooler flaps inc/dec manag.
– Fixed: Oil flaps inc/dec manag.
– Fixed: AI cooler set (on ground and in final app)
– Fixed: Version label on clipboard
– Fixed: Tip tank texture
– Fixed: Copil alt BEZEL vibration
– Fixed: Slave gyro label (KLM & TWA)
– Fixed: Engine power sound

– Modified: Nose wheel management
– Modified: Flaps position and drag
– Modified: Manual 2.5 EN
– Modified: FE desk texture quality x2 for readness

– Added: AOA livery PC&XBOX
– Added: BREITLING livery PC&XBOX
– Added: LUFTHANSA livery PC&XBOX
– Added: BUFFALO livery PC&XBOX
– Added: 3D RADIOMAN
– Added: 3D ENGINEER
– Added: new state at spawn system

Version 0.2.4.
– Fixed:USAF livery decals and number
– Fixed:NAVY livery decals on wings
– Fixed:center tail light beacon position
– Fixed:LOD far away inside pink area
– Fixed:lvar persistency concept for failures
– Fixed:ADF selector
– Fixed:Bendix radio display
– Fixed:press ready to fly do not reset manual payload and fuel conf.
– Modified: new fuel config system page on clipboard and dynamic selection
– Added:sound effect doors and windows open
– Added:meowing engine on ground during tests
– Added:prepare simple career mode (free) clipboard page
– Added:prepare complex career mode and mission (addon) clipboard page
– Added:reset button for specific checklist
– Added:new version short nose EN cockpit and KLM LIVERY
– Added:5 new free liveries (including last BRETLING paint) on discord page
– Added:Stairs livery for Military and KLM
– Added:new data paper on F.E. desk for fuel flow over time

Version 0.2.3.
– Fixed:TWA 3D door misplaced
– Fixed:gyro not caged voice message
– Fixed:Clipboard easy mode
– Fixed:maintenance button rearm all extinguisher
– Fixed:Fire extinguisher reload
– Fixed:Airfrance labels improved
– Fixed:no Tank 5 empty voice alert if national or international flight
– Fixed:HEAT BLUR placed near cowl flaps
– Fixed:Propeller shut-down more quick
– Fixed:TANK -+ clipboard fill up to 1558 gal
– Fixed:Left wing tip AIRFRANCE hide-able
– Fixed:Multiple voice message for supercharger state
– Fixed:APU OFF erratic voice message
– Fixed:Remove failure persistence
– Fixed:Wing tank visibility over fuel usage page
– Fixed:damaged flap textures for WARNING STAR’s and BATCAT liveries
– Fixed:needle RPM ENG4 hided sometimes
– Fixed:autorich label on mixture levers
– Added:3D animated PAX for MILITARY cargo PAX version
– Added:Manifold pressure for AIFE climb power supercharged
– Modified:Blades textures of WARNING STAR’s and BATCAT liveries

Version 0.2.2.
– Fixed: Airspeed indicated instead of true airspeed
– Fixed: True airspeed needle on airspeed display
– Fixed: Supercharger displayed in Celsius
– Fixed: Ground handling reworked
– Fixed: ADF dials freq (if radio on)
– Fixed: Supercharger reworked (auto until ASOBO modif.)
– Fixed: Clock set
– Modified: More granular ways to change fuel levels
– Modified: Improved 3D cockpit panel pil. and copil.
– Modified: GPS main support system (like in the Breitling version)
– Modified: Cool flaps and cooler flaps increase and decrease 10 by 10 degrees
– Added: Chrono pilot
– Added: All pax for civilian version /3D and animated with LOD’s to reduce FPS
– Added: APU for autonomous start on military version (and optional on civilian versions)
– APU Fire exting. system
– APU Fuel system
– APU Gene elec system
– APU Failures
– APU outside display and heat blur, including fire
– Added: 3 more liveries/ inside cabin and physics BATCAT WARNING STAR NAVY/USAF
– Added: New voices
– Added: Cowler and oil cooler flaps emit drag
– Added: New system to show/hide all seats
– Added: New fuel system


– Fixed: DME texts – Electra 10 compatibility

– Fixed: Decals errors

– Fixed: buttons Labels correction

– Fixed: fuel pumps mouse manag. inverted

– Fixed: MSFS imposed new localisation TEXTS

– Fixed: De-ice fluid consumption and display

– Fixed: FLAPS and Gear instruments vibrations

– Fixed: oil and cowler flaps manag. increment. from 0 to 100%

– Fixed: EXIT label cockpit door AF/MATS/TWA

– Fixed: CHT and oil temp reworked

– Fixed: smoke bug on ground for multiplayers


– Added: Xponder

– Added: smoke overheat engine oil

– Added: A.P.U. for the military version (W.I.P. Visual but not functional)

– Added: Analyser functional

– Added: AI (pil/copiland F.E.) manag. checklist with dynamic checks on clipboard

– Added: supercharger manual and AI FE managed

– Added: new payload/ pax by pax/ littery and freight

– Added: Zero reader right part – Added: Notebook fuel config visualization and quick instant buttons

– Added: Notebook fuel config: dynamic display

– Added: Propellers overspeed failure

– Added: GPS 750-650, including AI copilot following route – Added: 3D anti-statics on wings

– Added: Oculus Quest 2 check for compatibility

– Modified: Visualization radio seat area

– Modified: F.E. desk charts dynamic display high/low blower (supercharger)

– Modified: Nav and position lights on auto checklist

– Modified: Nav and position lights decals

– Modified: Hostess position during boarding and flight

– Modified: Old and vintage style for overhead frequencies

– Modified: Livery outside bug fixes

– Modified: Inside cabin door handles

– Fixed: AI (pil/copilot F.E.) manag. deicing

– Fixed: Oil and oil cooler flaps (press + temp) / cowler flaps CHT and carburetor …total rework

– Fixed: Contrails over 16.000 feets

– Fixed: BMEP MAP Mixture and RPm for max, METO climb and cruise power (high/low blower)

– Fixed: : Gpu cycling bug sound

– Fixed: Inclinometer bug

– Fixed: MAin door and crew door during icing conditions

– Fixed: Multiplayer damp smoke bug


– Modified: Electric system
– Added: Clipboard placement
– Added: Clipboard pages checklist normal/emerg.
– Modified: Clipboard status page more detailed
– Added: Pax hidden or showing.
– Added: Clipboard maintenance button for damage repair
– Added: Cargo door 1049H animated
– Replace: Breitling livery by MATS new livery
– Modified: Center of gravity replaced
– Modified: payload preconfig national/international and transatlantic
– Added: Electric fuses and failures x 48
– Added: Animated notebook on F.E. desk
– Added: F.E. notebook dynamic charts, consumption pages, fuel config
– Fixed: Voice bug
– Fixed: status page
– Fixed: Autoland AI speed manage then reverse on ground and manage checklist
– Modified: oil system for engine and cooler flaps management
– Modified: Fuel system for engine and all pumps fuse
– Modified: CHT temp cylinder and cowl flaps cooling management
– Modified: RAM system and anim and carb air heating/cooling management
– Fixed: text over KNOB OVERHEAD FLOOD lights
– Added: overspeed propeller failure, including blade lost
– Fixed: 3D blades rotation to 180°on ground
– Fixed: service stairs position under wings
– Fixed: A.P. clutch decals
– Fixed: Clipboard page 1 text FLY instead of FLT.
– Fixed: Deice decals HIGH/LOW instead of TP/LOW
– Fixed: checklist approach pump 2/2A 3/3A manag.
– Fixed: Elevator trim needle.
– Fixed: Fuel system mechanical pumps or High low electric pumps for tank 1 2 2A 3 3A 4 5
– Fixed: LODS optimization for every livery
– Fixed: Reverse needle
– Fixed: Fuel qty needle align.
– Added: 3D pax display
– Fixed: Nesa and radio warning lights
– Added: Switch iinstalled for HYD1 to HYD crossfeed inhib.
– Added: Controls damaged if overspeed aileron/rudder/flaps/elevator
– Added: limit of control if damaged due to overspeed
– Added: AI pilot manage pneumatic Deice system
– Added: oil consumption and display use over time
– Fixed: by default at start no stairs
– Fixed: Pilot and copilot now visible from outside cockpit


– Added: Manual assisted start up
– Added: New SU8 feathering system
– Modified: Rework of the windshield inside
– Added: Fuel de-icing system – ice on propellers – pneumatic de-icing cycle – and carbu de-ice
– Added: Gear damage -including tire explosion, main gear no down or gear not locked-up, adn VFX
– Added: New Failure system and clipboard information
– Fixed: Fuel system and AI.F.E. manag. during cruise
– Added: Inside Military/cargo passenger version
– Added: Pneumatic cycling de-icing system and A.I. manag.
– Fixed: Yoke size increased in height
– Added: New Electric system
– Fixed: Rear door – chocks cover and services at parking
– Modified: All LOD’S reworked to improve FPS (except BREITLING VERSION for 1.9 )
– Modified: All scripts reworked to improve FPS
– Added: New Failure system and clipboard infomation
– Fixed: ADF 1 and knob selector
– Fixed: NAV 2 NAV1 selector for flight path
– Fixed: approach AI. Pilot power manag.
– Added: Document page 31-33 diagrams , page 52 failure, page 54-55 de-ice, page 82 radio antenna diagrams
– Fixed: Mode easy normal realism
– Fixed: Oil leak, consumption and reservoir (including heating and emergency process)
– Fixed: Copilot speed-drum display
– Added: Coffee anim in mug (displaying AI crew member in use)
– Fixed: HYD 1 and HYD2 leak, consumption and failures
– Added: Hyd to HYD 1 emergency covered switch
– Fixed: O2 system pilo copil FE and radio
– Fixed: Decals text bugs “Flight Engineer”
– Added: Voices for dynamic control damage or electric failures
– Fixed: Fuel and oil autonomy displayed on F.E. desk
– Added: Sub failures for Engine , Fire , oil leak
– Fixed: Fire alarm delay when auto checklist
– Added: Pitot failure and icing – including backup pilot/copilot switches
– Fixed: Trim aileron and rudder display
– Added: area on copilot seat to hide it
– Fixed: Fuell pump assistance Text
– Fixed: Bug checklist on take voice gear up twice
– Fixed: No more vibration on ground if outside controls are damaged
– Modified: Center panel removed ILs1<>2 Vor 1<>2 adf 1<>2
– Added: Vacuum display and de-icing pressure pilot side
– Added: Colision detection for camera in cockpit
– Fixed: FE. display oil out label °C



The turbocharger is now being implemented to climb above 12,000Ft.

Pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer voices have been added for fault alerts and other notifications (117 voices)

Remodeling of 3D passenger cabins, civil and military cockpits.

Sound Reworked

Flight  path for A.P. VOR/ILS

A.I. Pilot

heading manag.

Altitude manag..

Auto Takeoff

Auto Land

Auto Checklists

A.I. Copilot:

Auto Takeoff 

Auto Land


Auto Checklists

A.I. Flight Engineer

Power / engine manag.

Cruise manag (cowler, cooler, fuel system, carburetors ,RAM)

Auto Checklists

3D Hostess can be called for futur features



Coffee cup to identify A.I. managed  crew members

Auto Pilot reworked (Vertical speed and bank)

Flightpath for A.P. VOr and/or ILS landing

No horn lever

Rudder trim inverted

Add VOR DME 1 & 2

Paper to recap. No go speed



recap. pictograms A.I. PI.L COPIL. F.E.

Redwing GPU (to start everywhere)

GPU inhibited and not displayed if speed>0 

Start engine inhibited if no GPU (or no AC power ) 

Elevator trim sensibility (for Bravo joystick)

payload restoration

Checklist debugged

Door open/closed synchro with clipboard and checklists



The turbocharger is now being implemented to climb above 12,000Ft.

(but still i automatic mode at 10 000 ft, no manual system for the moment))

Personal checklist on F.E. desk for recap. (Work in progress)

Fuel pumps 2-2A 3-3A place modified

Pump switch center modified  up = high center = off down = low (1 2 3 4 5 3A 2A)

Dynamic charts on F.E. desk (W.I.P.)

Dynamic autonomy charts on F.E. desk (W.I.P.)

AI F.E give hanhandf to pilot after descent and approach data managed.



3D crashed ailerons /elevators /flaps /rudders

New cockpit  lights red/white and ambient

Wing tips tanks ( Not for BREITLING version and only visual)

Cowler and cooler flaps position displayed

RAm position displayed



3D passengers seats and galleys

Cabin lights

No smoking / bast and seatbelt in cabin


BMEP RPM system improved (according to altitude and weight of plane)

New PID propellers parameters increasing stability and response of RPM

cooler flaps system

cowl flaps system

carburetor system (except icing de-incing)

Fuel system

mechanical pump

Electric pump high/25Psi and Low/12Psi

Warning sign when plane not ready for Sim



All pictures updated

Fuel system

Engine system

Tips for pilots

A.I. managment



External reworked 8K textures AIR FRANCE BREITLING and TWA liveries

On apron use clipboard to open/close/active:Stairs, doors, cargo doors, GPU, services, chokes

A full paint kit blank, painted and metal is available in 8K with PSD

Visual damage Aileron, elevator, rudder



New fuel system including 15 valves, 67 lines and 15 pumps for realistic pressure gravity and fuel flow , fuel dump.

New PID  and Moi for propellers

New starter system including GPU and generators

AI FE  manages cowler flaps, cool flaps, max, climb, METO, cruise, descent and approach power.



Elevator Trim vertical speed adjusted

VOR 1 and 2 DME with Flight path integration

Altimeters and kolmans strip

F.E. desk with dynamic charts, fuel and oil  autonomies

More F.E. and Pilot voices added

Wipers park position


bug and translation corrections

Fuel system


Artificial Intelligence Flight Engineer

  •         manage checklists including 12 mn of UK voices

 (before start / boarding /start engine/ warmup / taxiing / before takeoff / climb / descent / after landing / parking)

        manage power (max power, meto power, climb power, cruise power, approach power)

  • Help audio voices captain / copilot / Flight Engineer (alert, caution and warning) 
  • Oil system (quantity,heating, transfert, hyd pump or elec. pump)
  • Fire system (detection, extinguishers, engines and cabin heaters)
  • Smoke (fire engines, fire heaters, dump valves, oil leak, mixture)
  • Dump system (main 1+2, 3+4 or 2A+3A)
  • Damage engine and oil leak smoke
  • External light reworked (including rotating beacons, distance of visibility and glows)


  • page 3 Status (fire, icing and extinguishers)
  • page 4 Orders AIFE, pilot and copilot
  • page 5 Emergency and failure



  •     Hyd system
  •     ADF button freeze and conflict with ELECTRA plane
  •     Autopilot bank and altitude wheel
  •     Stair and doors status on clipboard

V 0.1.2 Work in progress 

Alternator not charging battery if “cold start”

Landing light not fixed on gear nose

Ui radio corrupting other plane radios

Text error on decals

Fuel pressure display  bug on clipboard

External sound engine , starter and doppler FX enhanced

Flame exhaust after 2500RPM (Blue / lean , mixed color / normal, orange/full RICH)

V 0.1.1  

Phase I+II first release




Weather radar, LORAN radio , APU, other failures 






We have planned 4 phases of development with a visualization of the progress of each step.
All phase are subdivided in sub-phase to provide shorts updates

A flyable plane with essential options BREITLING Livery


De-icing system

All instruments and radio.

Fuel transfert system

Synchro engine system

Services and stairs

AIR FRANCE Livery and version.

TWA and SWISS AIR Liveries

Complexe feathering system

Oxygen system.

Cabin pressure.

Cargo version and MA.T.S. livery

LUFTHANSA and KLM liveries

Advanced settings inculding A.I., failures and voices.



Optional instruments and radio Failure

Weather radar