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In 1918, Henri FARMAN designed a modern biplane.

The F.50 Goliath was to be a bomber capable of carrying 1000 kg of bombs over a 1500 km circuit.But it arrived too late to take part in the conflict.

The aircraft was then converted into a commercial civil passenger aircraft and renamed the F.60

After several publicity flights, the first commercial flight was planned between Toussus le Noble and London.

As non-military flights were not authorized at that time, Lucien Bossoutrot and his passengers were all former military pilots wearing the appropriate uniform and mission order.

 The outbound flight lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.


On April 3, 1919, 14 passengers were transported to an altitude of 6,200 m (20,341 ft).

On August 11, 1919, an F.60 carried eight passengers and one ton of equipment from Paris to Koufa, via Casablanca and Mogador, 180 km north of Saint-Louis du Senegal, a flight of over 4,500 km.

 The airlines, which appeared very quickly throughout Europe, were quick to acquire the F.60.



– 4k PBR textures (2K for XBOX)

– All systems are fully functional

– 15 animated and scripted 3D characters bringing the aircraft to life, including the pilot, the mechanic, the assistants on the ground for propeller

– Stirring and all the passengers on board or waiting outside.

– An optimization system (L.O.D.) for each passenger and 3D elements to improve FPS

– FR and En voices of the pilot and the mechanic as well as the internal ambiences or during the repairs.

– A clipboard allowing loading/unloading, fuel and repair management, damage analysis and simplified configuration selection for medium and long haul courses

– All flight phase checklists can be run automatically including localized voices and didactic displays on the clipboard

– Maps of main European and US routes can be displayed on CLipboard including a morse code reminder

 – REDWING damage and repair concept including engine fire, oil, fuel, water, propellers, fuselage ground loop and landing gear problems

Smoke particle effects and 3D animations for breakdowns, damages and mixture.

An easy to learn mode with start and flight assistance lights.

Two cabin variants:

– pax for 12 passengers

– cargo for freight and mail transport.

– In-flight mail drop and retrieval hook system of mail bags (with adapted REDWING airfields).” A game in the game”.

– Translation of all instruments and internal elements into French or English including an option to choose the variables displayed (meters, celsius, kg cm3 – Ft, fahrenheit, lb/inc3)

– A fully detail 54 pages  manual (EN)

– 5 liveries  (3 pax and 2 cargos)

Fixed – Compass
Added – Autopilot
Added – push back MECHA. 3D
Modified – elasticity AIL. RUD. ELEVATORS
XBOX ready

Next updates:

  • Career mode, Highlight and rewards
  • Military F65 version
  • Military torpedo seaplane


This aircraft will be continuously updated free of charge for all registered usersNext updates:– career mode– military version-seaplane version





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