BUGATTI EB-100 P   vesion 1.1.

“Nothing is too good, nothing is too expensive”


Ettore Bugatti started work in 1938 to design a racer to compete in the 
Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup Race and U.S. Thompson trophy, using engines sold in his
automotive line for co-marketing.
Bugatti's chief engineer was Louis de Monge, with whom Bugatti had worked before.


Bugatti was also approached by the government of France to use the technology of the racing
aircraft to develop a fighter variant for mass production.

The aircraft was the source of five modern patents, including the inline engines, v-tail mixer
controls and the automatic flap system.

Everything is faithfully reproduced:
– Normal and emergency pneumatic circuits
– Civilian version ADF VHF and/or gmeter

– Mil. version, O2 and gunsight

(no weapon on marketplace version, but contact us on discord… )

– tank or canopy jettison

– all automatic systems

Several race-ready liveries,



Version 0.1.1.
– FIX engine sound 2
– MODIF all engine sound
– ADDED USA livery
– ADDED ZEBRA O.C livery
– ADDED USAF livery